Monday, August 23, 2010

The Main Event! The People Versus Congress

None of us at the Georgia Front Page have read the following book (yet), but it sounded interesting so we thought we'd pass the info along to our readers. Let us know if you've read it or intend to read it. - GFP

Americans are disgusted with their Congress. Instead of being the agent of the people, it's become the setting for endless and vicious political warfare between the Democratic and Republican parties. Buoyed by an equally corrupted electoral system, many members of Congress have turned their attention from their constituents to their own desire to stay in office. In doing so, they’ve allowed campaign money to drown out the voice of the people. While the two parties slug it out, the nation hurtles toward disaster. Recent elections and the grass-roots emergence of the Tea Party movement prove that Americans seek fundamental change in government. Americans employ four Constitutional mechanisms to exert their sovereignty over Congress. But speech, assembly, petition and elections are all failing the people. Congress isn't seeing or hearing their constituents. And with only a few exceptions, elections only replace one failed party with the other, over and over again. The American people desperately seek a more effective tool to make Congressional reform happen.

The Next American Revolution: How to Demand Congressional Reform NOW is an extraordinary book that reveals what that tool is and how it can save our country. The Founding Fathers left their descendants with a never used, yet very real and effective fifth constitutional “people power.” Americans need to lay aside their differences and focus their combined strength toward one common cause---a revolution calling for a convention of the states specifically and solely for the purpose of restoring a people’s legislature. The author explains why this is our best (and last) hope of seriously reforming the legislative branch of government.

Each step of the process is summarized and three proposed amendment ideas are suggested: term limits; campaign finance reform; and increased electoral competition. Bridging modern Americans' love for liberty and their Constitution with that of their ancestors', the book is interspersed with quotes and images of leading figures from America’s rich, revolutionary history.

Charles R. Hooper empowers the citizens of America with the information they need to force congressional reform. Each individual American has the right and the power to legally, safely, and effectively take back their Congress. The book includes a complete copy of the U.S. Constitution.

The author, a masters-level social worker with a background education in Sociology and Political Science, has worked over two decades as an advocate for people in numerous settings. He has applied this background to develop a manual the people can use to repair their broken national legislature.

The Next American Revolution: How to Demand Congressional Reform Now is available for $14.95 through online retailers and by ordering toll-free at 800-266-5564. For more information, visit the author's web site at First Edition. 6X9, 144 pages, eleven illustrations. ISBN 978-0-9843876-8-7.

Early Reviews

"Charles Hooper begins this important book by quoting Thomas Paine, whose famous line,'These are the times that try men's souls,' was used by George Washington to inspire his troops and whip the British. According to Hooper, we're again living in very trying times, due to the paralysis in Congress caused by partisanship and greed. He spends the rest of the book arguing for a new American Revolution -- a call for congressional reform and a return to our Founding values -- that will throw out self-serving bureaucrats and replace them with "servants of the people" envisioned by our Constitution. The book ends with a warning from 20th president James Garfield: 'If that body be ignorant, reckless, and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness, and corruption.' As Hooper says, we owe it to past and future generations to fight for a better America."
- Jim Barnes, Editor, Independent Publisher Online

“The book is meant to be read by everyone...well written...well worth the read. It goes some way to allaying the fears of those fearful of even contemplating a Constitutional Convention. This is a valuable addition to the debate about how to rectify the current Washington vs. people disconnect.”

Andrew Ian Dodge

The Washington Examiner 7/13/10

“This is a book every American should read. It lays out the basic facts about an Article V convention in clear and precise terms.”
Bill Walker, co-founder
Friends of the Article V Convention

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