Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bauer Says That Obama's Support for Ground Zero Mosque Leads to the 'Final and Irrevocable Divorce' of the People From the President

/PRNewswire/ -- Former presidential candidate Gary Bauer on Saturday said that President Obama's comments at a White House dinner in support of a mosque at Ground Zero was "proof positive" that he has lost touch with his fellow citizens and that his break from them can no longer be repaired.

The president of American Values and chairman of the Campaign for Working Families made the following statement:

"Last night at a White House Iftar dinner in celebration of the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, President Obama chose to endorse the building of a mosque on the hallowed soil of Ground Zero. In doing so, he sided with radical Islamic advocacy groups over 9-11 families and the overwhelming majority of the American people. This latest decision is proof positive that the President does not understand the values and sentiments of the American people, especially while we are still at war around the world with jihadists. I believe history will reveal that the President's actions last night will directly result in his final and irrevocable divorce from the American people."

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