Thursday, July 30, 2009

Doctors demand Obama apology

Dr. Richard S. Kerr, M.D., a West Virginia Libertarian Party member and a retired doctor with 36 years experience, asked President Barack Obama last Thursday to apologize for comments made in his July 22nd press conference accusing doctors of conspiring to make children sicker for profits.

“President Obama should be ashamed of himself for trying to scare Americans into supporting his government takeover of medicine by falsely accusing doctors of making children sicker. I have never heard a more disgusting or blatantly phony conspiracy theory. We treat our patients with the respect, care and concern you will never find in Obama’s government-run rationed care bureaucracy,” said Dr. Kerr.

“On behalf of my colleagues, I respectfully ask President Obama to apologize for such a slanderous lie and ask him to stop engaging in sickening conspiracy theories to push his government-run scheme. These cheap scare tactics are beneath the dignity of the office of The President and perfectly illustrate why more and more Americans are losing faith in Barack Obama.”

In his July 22nd press conference, Obama claimed, “…you come in and you've got a bad sore throat, or your child has a bad sore throat or has repeated sore throats, the doctor may look at the reimbursement system and say to himself, you know what, I make a lot more money if I take this kid's tonsils out.”

“For President Obama’s information, pediatricians do not perform tonsillectomies. If he doesn’t know that, then he has no business centrally planning your family’s health care,” said Dr. Kerr.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Backlash: Dem ratings plunge as voters repel Big Government

The front page of Wednesday’s Politico was a sea of plummeting blue arrows as the paper reported on the slumping approval ratings of major Democrat officials across the nation. America’s third largest party notes the rapid decline in support for Democrats, with support for Republicans still at record lows, is more proof Americans are looking for Libertarian solutions to the nation’s problems.

“Voters want elected officials who will cut taxes and spending, eliminate the deficit, make health care affordable and accessible, restore America’s traditional non-interventionist foreign policy and respect personal liberties. Only Libertarians believe in all that. On the issues people care about, the Libertarian Party is America’s only mainstream political party,” said William Redpath, Libertarian National Committee Chairman.

Libertarians were the only party to oppose both the Bush and Obama bailouts and the deficit spending of both the Republican and Democrat-controlled Congresses.

“Voters are rapidly turning on Democrats, but they still remember what happened under Republicans,” said Redpath. “They want elected officials at all levels of government to restrain spending and stay out of their lives. They know smaller government brings more prosperity and more personal freedom.”

Politico reports that many major Democratic officials once considered “safe,” such as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, New Jersey Gov. John Corzine and North Carolina Gov. Bev Purdue now all face uncertain re-election with favorability or approval ratings of less than 37 percent. Many other major Democratic officials, including President Barack Obama, have seen a rapid collapse in public support.

Fueling the voter backlash is the Democrat’s $787 billion “stimulus” package that many see as wasteful spending, Democrat support for “bailout” interventions into the economy and news the Democrat health care reform bill will place the government in virtual control of their health care decisions.

But voters aren’t rushing to Republicans. “There’s been no surge in GOP voter registration and little evidence that the party brand is experiencing a recovery. Last month, a New York Times/CBS poll reported that the GOP’s favorability ratings remained at a record-breaking low — 28 percent, down from a high of 59 percent in November 1994,” Politico reports.

“Americans believe freedom works best when it comes to both the economy and their personal lives. The plummeting approval ratings of Democrats and the rock-bottom ratings of Republicans are a testament to that,” said Redpath. “The only way to break the cycle of government sprawl and restore long-term prosperity and personal freedom is to vote Libertarian.”

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Machinists Vow to Continue Fight for F-22 Funding

/PRNewswire/ -- The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) today pledged to continue fighting for additional funding for F-22 Raptor aircraft, despite a vote in the U.S. Senate to end production at the 187 jets currently on order.

"This is a critical economic security issue as well as a national security issue," declared IAM President Tom Buffenbarger. "More than 95,000 jobs in 44 states are at risk from the shortsighted decision to terminate this program. Entire communities will suffer grievous economic harm and a critical skill base could be lost forever if this decision is not reversed."

IAM members build, assemble and maintain F-22 components in dozens of states, including Connecticut, Georgia, California and Texas.

"Ending the F-22 will result in immediate layoffs in the supplier base and begin the costly dismantling of a vital part of our defense industrial base -- at a time when our nation is facing the most severe economic crisis since the Great Depression and unemployment continues to rise month after month," said Buffenbarger.

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Opinion: Liberals Are the True Racists

/Standard Newswire/ -- E.W. Jackson Sr. submits the following and is available for comment:

Columnist Maureen Dowd attacked George Bush for appointing white men to the Supreme Court, calling it a "disgrace." Barbara Boxer trotted out the NAACP to oppose the National Black Chamber of Commerce opposition to Cap & Trade. Something very insidious is behind these liberal racial jabs, and it is more than resentment of supposed white male privilege or
seeking justice for minorities.

Liberals are not against white men and they are not for minority people. They are for liberals and against non-liberals. If Barack Obama had nominated a liberal white male for the Supreme Court, the left would have been silent. Their real motives lie neither in attacking whites, nor supporting minorities. The objective is control and power over people.

Paternalism is essential to liberalism. On some level they have the need and feel they have a right to control how people behave and think, especially members of the victim groups they champion. Like parents, they feel betrayed when their children fail to embrace their values, and it sends them into paroxysms of rage. That is why they hate Sarah Palin. She is a daughter
who dared rebel against pro-abortion feminism. She has blasphemed their goddess, and this calls for her symbolic "honor killing." That is why Barbara Boxer brought up the NAACP with Black Chamber President Harry Alford. It was her way of saying, "The rest of my black children think like me. What happened to you?"

The liberal attitude toward racial minorities is cloaked in compassion, but it is the intellectual equivalent of a master to slave relationship. Subconsciously, they believe they own the souls of black folk, bought and paid for by their civil rights credentials. As a result, they only like the "good" blacks who stay in their place. Those who dare escape the left-wing plantation find
themselves the target of a "high tech lynching" reserved for minorities who get "uppity." Ask Justice Clarence Thomas.

When any black person makes progress, they must remember they owe it to their liberal benefactors. When liberals defend affirmative action, they do so in the paternalistic belief that blacks cannot compete on the same level with whites. As intellectual superiors, it is their duty to take care of them. They glibly advocate lowering test standards and giving government set
asides and handouts. Woe to the "racist" who questions the fairness or effectiveness of such

They resent the very suggestion that any minority can succeed without liberal promotion and protection. Through liberal government largess they have clothed, fed and housed poor minority victims. They are personally insulted to think that any would want to escape. Blacks have the most exalted position in the liberal hierarchy of adopted groups. Any black person who disregards such beneficence must be punished to be taught a lesson and to keep others in line.
Judges Janet Rogers Brown and Miguel Estrada were denied confirmation of their judicial appointments because they went off the ideological plantation. It is ugly, but it is liberal realpolitik.

The messianic hysteria over Obama is an extension of this mindset. Leftists have one of their own as President of the United States, and he is black. He is the product of a long history of training and strategizing to take full control. He is the poster boy for liberal doctrine. They can declare any attack on him racism. He's perfect. They will continue to love him, as long as he stays in his place on abortion, gay rights, global warming and other liberal marching orders.
However, were he ever to flee the plantation, the liberal infatuation with his being the first black
president would be replaced by a hateful determination to destroy him.

Maureen Dowd, Barbara Boxer and their liberal friends do not hate white guys, and they do not love blacks and other minorities. They love liberalism and the governmental power it gives them. They have a unique antipathy for any minority who fails to adhere to accepted liberal doctrine. Their disdain for nonconforming minorities may be more virulent than their distaste for conservative white men because minorities, as they see it, owe them. How dare they think for themselves? Therefore, left-wing zealots will seek to destroy any prominent Hispanic, black, white or woman who refuses to bow to liberal orthodoxy.

It is time for minorities in America to stand up like Harry Alford and say, "We take offense at the idea that we must think like liberals say minorities are supposed to think. We will think for ourselves as individual Americans, not as members of a designated victim group. We will not stay in our place."

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dems Shut Down The House --- Again

PP Note: Just another day in Washington where Nancy Pelosi conveniently forgets the rules put in place by Thomas Jefferson..

Pelosi Censors Republicans
by Rep. John Carter

Monday night Democrats voted to shut down the U.S. House Representatives rather than allow a handful of Republican Congressmen to speak on the floor. What could have been so offensive or frightening about our discourse that Speaker Pelosi felt she had to protect her party by gagging free speech in the House? .....

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Former Christian Coalition Leader Launches Grassroots Organization to Activate Christian Conservatives to Oppose Pres. Obama

Former Christian Coalition Leader Launches Grassroots Organization to Activate Christian Conservatives to Oppose Pres. Obama and the Anti-Christian Anti-American Director of His Leadership

/Standard Newswire/ -- Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr., former spokesperson and a top leader for the
Christian Coalition, has launched a new organization -- S.T.A.N.D. [Staying True to America's National Destiny] -- to unify Christians and other conservatives around social and economic issues. However, Bishop Jackson is taking a different approach. "We are mainly interested in impacting the culture," says the Bishop. "Political victories can be reversed, but cultural change is lasting."

Their first major initiative is to make January "AMERICAN HISTORY MONTH". Says Bishop
Jackson, "One of the reasons we lack unity in America is that the Judeo-Christian heritage and values which our Founding Fathers bequeathed us are under attack. Our heritage is lied about, suppressed and ignored in the push toward secularism and relativism. It is being done in Universities, public schools and even by President Obama."

STAND's American History Month will celebrate the nobility of American history and our Founders and rebut the lie that America is born of racism, exploitation and capitalistic greed. American History Month will highlight the heroic sacrifice, bold initiative, pioneering spirit, selfless cooperation and faith in God that made America possible. STAND believes that this
President is denigrating America's contribution to the world, denying the role of Christianity in our country, and falsely claiming that Islam is a major contributor to America's success. "What history books is the President reading?" asks Jackson.

STAND considers Obama to be symptomatic of the ideological and anti-Christian bias in the teaching of American history. Bishop Jackson asks, "How many people know that one of our war cries during the Revolutionary War was 'No King but Jesus'? Precious few, and apparently not the President."

STAND is also opposing Obama's healthcare reform, which it calls "a veiled government takeover of healthcare." Bishop Jackson argues, "If the government takes over healthcare, everything will be rationed except abortion. The conscience objection will be eliminated, and abortion will increase like a plague upon the land." STAND wants to end abortion in America. It is also against Cap & Trade as "an insane burden" on an already crippled economy. Its
members are contacting their Senators to make their sentiments known on these issues.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Statement by Supreme Knight Carl Anderson: On the Meeting Between Pope Benedict XVI and President Barack Obama

/PRNewswire/ -- The speculation over what the pope and president would discuss, and whether or not abortion would be center stage has been answered affirmatively. As the Vatican's statement makes clear "the conversation turned first of all" to issues "such as the defense and promotion of life, and the right to abide by one's conscience."

We also know that President Obama told the pope of his desire to "reduce the number of abortions," and of his "respect for the positions of the Church."

It is obvious that President Obama has a serious interest in engaging in a meaningful dialogue with the Catholic Church, and with Catholics, who make up one fourth of the U.S. population. President Obama clearly had much to gain from a successful meeting with the Pope.

Certainly this is another achievement for Vatican and American diplomacy and represents a positive development for those of us who hoped that this meeting might mark a new opportunity in the important relationship between the Catholic Church and U.S. government.

We applaud President Obama for showing sensitivity to the growing consensus among the American people favoring the right to life, restriction of abortion, and the protection of conscience.

As our Knights of Columbus-Marist Poll released today shows, there is a great deal of common ground among the American people on these issues. 86% would restrict abortion far more than it is today, and 79% would protect the right to conscience of health care workers. This is a real consensus on the heart of the abortion issue, and it is heartening to see the president's attention to it.

This is an important moment. The pope and the president have laid the foundation for trying to achieve authentic common ground. How we build on this meeting in a constructive way in the months and years ahead is critical. The following issues will help provide a true gauge of the progress made on achieving common ground with the Catholic community:

1. Adoption of a federal conscience clause regulation that gives real protection to Catholic institutions and individuals;

2. Health care legislation that does not contain a back door mandate for abortion;

3. Abortion reduction programs that respect pro-life crisis pregnancy and teenage abstinence programs;

4. Preservation of the pro-life riders that currently exist in the annual appropriations legislation. These riders, which restrict federal abortion funding, also raise conscience protection issues, since their removal would force tax payers to pay for abortions against their conscience.

5. Dropping any attempts to codify by statute the president's rescission of the Mexico City Policy, which allows international abortion funding by the United States.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Congress Rejects Successful DC Schools Program

/PRNewswire/ -- Led by Senior Illinois Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), the full Appropriations Committee today moved to full Senate consideration a bill terminating the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program after the 2009-10 school year and reducing funds for those currently in the program.

"While this Congress and the Obama Administration took control in January promising they would restore sanity to Washington and reject business as usual, their actions on this program speak louder than their words," said Jeanne Allen, president of the Center for Education Reform.

Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Lamar Alexander (R-TN) offered facts and data to support the DC choice program while Subcommittee Chair Durbin stated inaccurately that the program does not work. Sen. Durbin also misquoted stats on DC's community of more than 90 highly impactful charter schools, calling for one fourth to close when, in fact, those charters are actually educating successfully children lagging behind when they come in.

"Sen. Durbin and others have one interest -- serving the national unions who are threatened by reform," remarked Ms. Allen.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Democrats in Disarray on Trillion-Dollar "Stimulus" That Isn't Working

Millions of American jobs have been lost in 2009, even though the Administration promised unemployment would not rise past eight percent if the Democrats’ trillion-dollar “stimulus” spending bill became law. But unemployment is now a staggering 9.5 percent, and middle-class families and small businesses are asking: Where are the jobs?

Democrats are all over the map about why their vaunted “stimulus” is not creating the jobs the Administration promised. Vice President Joe Biden said they “misread the economy,” but President Obama said that wasn’t true. President Obama said “there’s nothing he would have done differently” on the “stimulus,” but the Vice President has already admitted that “Some people are being scammed already” by the legislation.

And what about the prospect of a second “stimulus”? Democrats are deeply divided on that question too, as Bloomberg News reports:

“Democrats who control the levers of power in Washington are divided over whether to push for more deficit spending to end the recession and stem job losses, complicating the possibility of a second stimulus bill.”

A story in this morning’s Politico further highlights the deepening Democratic divide on their trillion-dollar “stimulus”:

“President Barack Obama says there’s ‘nothing’ he ‘would have done differently’ about his economic stimulus plan, but one of his top outside economic advisers says the plan was ‘a bit too small.’”

“Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri says the idea of a second stimulus is a ‘non-starter,’ but Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island says it ‘should be on the table.’”

“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) says there’s ‘no showing that a second stimulus is needed,’ but House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) says Congress needs to be ‘open to whether we need additional action.’”

“Democrats are all over the map on the stimulus and the possibility of a sequel, and it’s not hard to see why: When it comes to a second stimulus, they may be damned if they do and damned if they don’t.”

“‘Right now, every headline across the board is the stimulus isn’t enough, states are in bankruptcy, states aren’t paying their bills,’ says Wendy Schiller, a Brown University political scientist. ‘This is really deadly for the Democratic Party, because what it suggests is the Democratic Party cannot run the country.’”

The fact is government spending doesn’t create economic growth; small businesses create economic growth. And if the Democrats in charge of Washington want to take another shot at “stimulating” the economy, they should start by scrapping the job-killing health care and energy bills that are being rammed through Congress this summer, and work with House Republicans on better solutions that encourage investment, savings, and job creation. Instead, it appears that Democrats will continue to stubbornly push legislation to raise energy costs on every American, pave the way for a government takeover of health care, ship millions of jobs overseas, and drive our children and grandchildren into even deeper debt. All the while, the American people continue to ask, “Where are the jobs?” They deserve answers – and better solutions.

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How Team Obama Hijacked "Change"

Two years ago, I wrote a book called Real Change. Today I want to tell you about that book's successor, how the Obama Administration hijacked "change" - and how we can take it back.

It all started in the summer of 2007 when part of one of my speeches was posted on YouTube. It was a short, three-minute clip in which I explained the difference between two Americas, one that works and one that fails, by contrasting UPS and FedEx with the federal bureaucracy.

You can see it yourself here.

The gist of the video is that UPS and FedEx are so capable and efficient they can track millions of packages in real time. The bureaucracy, on the other hand, can't locate the 10-20 million people who are in this country illegally. Perhaps, I suggested, we should send them all a package.

The book that was inspired by the tremendous public reaction to this video was Real Change: From the World That Fails to the World That Works.

Real Change Means "the Special Interests, the Bureaucracies, and the Force of the Past Will Not Determine the Course of the Future"

Here's how I described what I wanted to accomplish with Real Change at the time:

Real change must begin at the individual level, with each person deciding that the special interests, the bureaucracies, and the forces of the past will not determine the course of the future. Real change has to start with families who don't want to see their quality of life decline even as they work harder to maintain it. Real change has to start with citizens who say to their families, friends, and neighbors that the time has come to insist that their politicians change or they will change their politicians.

We must have been on to something because the presidential campaign that was waged since I wrote Real Change was full of talk about change and promised to end business as usual in Washington; to take the nation beyond the bitter deadlock of partisan politics.

President Obama Promised to End the Influence of Special Interests in Washington, Then He Gave 55% of Chrysler to His Union Supporters

The American people clearly voted for change last November. But equally clear is that what we've gotten is more business as usual.Barack Obama campaigned as a new kind of centrist who could bring people together. But as president he's been a radical liberal, passing his stimulus bill without a single Republican vote in the House.

He campaigned to end the influence of special interests in the nation's capital. But as president he's rewarded his political supporters at the expense of economic recovery in the stimulus bill and paid back his union allies at the expense of the rule of law in the Chrysler and GM bankruptcies.

Barack Obama campaigned as a leader who would bring a new kind of politics to Washington. Then he used Chicago-style politics - twisting arms and offering payoffs - to pass one of the largest tax increases in American history in the cap and trade bill.President Obama promised change and failed to deliver. Where do we go from here?

Real Change, Expanded and Updated for the Obama Era

The new, Obama-era edition of Real Change is entitled Real Change: The Fight for America's Future.It has all the innovative ideas and practical solutions of the first Real Change, and much more.

The new forward begins with how American taxpayers were exploited with the taxpayer bailouts that began at the end of the Bush Administration. Then it describes how things got worse with the big government, big spending bacchanal that has been the first six months of the Obama Administration.

It describes how our national security has deteriorated faster than I thought it would since the last months of the Bush Administration, despite the spectacular success of the surge in Iraq.

The section culminates in a powerful critique of the Obama domestic and national security policy:"The Obama-Pelosi-Reid team is the most radical group ever to hold the reigns of American power. Their vision of a high tax, big bureaucracy Washington-centered system dominated by politicians and leading to a secular-socialist future will fundamentally challenge America's role as a beacon of hope, opportunity and freedom."

Real Change Is More Than a List of Complaints About the Obama Administration. It's a Plan of Solutions for America
But Real Change: The Fight For America's Future is more than a list of grievances against the current administration.It is a guide, a set of talking points, and a blueprint for how conservative and center-right Americans can reclaim the mantle of "change" in our political debate; how we can, in fact, transcend "change" to bring about real change.
Using Ronald Reagan and the current Tea Party movement as guides, the new Real Change describes how we can't argue within the current framework of the left and the elites if we want to bring about real change.
If we accept their terms and their premises, the book explains, we "will end up being with the less destructive, less expensive, slower decay wing of a lot of really bad ideas."

When the Left Takes for Granted the Superiority of Big Government, We Must Argue Forcefully for Free Enterprise
Instead, we have to establish our own terms of debate and argue for bold solutions to the challenges we face.When the left takes for granted the superiority of big government, we must argue boldly and forcefully for free enterprise.When they play to their union base with calls for an even bigger bureaucracy, we must remind Americans that the world that works is the world of entrepreneurs.And when they assert the lowest-common-denominator fairness of government redistribution, we must counter with the moral superiority of individual initiative and success.

America is Still Waiting For Change in Washington
Real Change: The Fight for America's Future is about these ideas and much, much more. I encourage you to pick up a copy for yourself or someone you care about. America is still waiting for real change in Washington. It's time for more than change. It's time for real change. Let the battle of ideas and solutions for America's future begin.

Your friend,
Newt Gingrich

Newt's Quick Links:

Energy has been central to American Solutions' efforts recently, and we will be holding a free Tele-Townhall this Thursday night from 7-8pm EDT to discuss the Energy Tax fight in the Senate, and re-launching the Drill Here, Drill Now campaign. To join me for this special Tele-Townhall and invite your friends click here.

David Kralik - our Director of Internet Strategy at American Solutions and point man in Silicon Valley - spoke at Google's Mountain View, Calif., headquarters last month about bringing Silicon Valley entrepreneurial culture to Washington, D.C. You can watch it here.
(Reprinted with permission)
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gun Rights Leaders Join in Opposition to Sotomayor Confirmation

/PRNewswire/ -- Several of the nation's leading gun rights activists, including the heads of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and Second Amendment Foundation, today joined to oppose the confirmation of Judge Sonia Sotomayor as an associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.

"It is extremely important that a Supreme Court justice understand and appreciate the origin and meaning of the Second Amendment, a constitutional guarantee permanently enshrined in the Bill of Rights," said a letter from the group, which was hand-delivered to every member of the U.S. Senate. "Judge Sotomayor's record on the Second Amendment causes us grave concern about her treatment of this enumerated Constitutional right."

Included among the signators were Sandra S. Froman, former president of the National Rifle Association; Alan M. Gottlieb, CCRKBA chairman; Joseph Tartaro, SAF president; Gene Hoffman, chairman of the CalGUNS Foundation; several current or former NRA directors; Robert Corbin, former Arizona attorney general and past NRA president; former Congressman Bob Barr; Jim Wallace, executive director of the Gun Owners' Action League in Massachusetts; John T. Lee, president of the Pennsylvania Rifle and Pistol Association; Tom King, president of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association; Robert E. Sanders, former assistant director of law enforcement for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and several others, 25 in all.

"The Supreme Court is almost certain to decide next year whether the Second Amendment applies to states and local governments, as it does to the federal government," they wrote. "While on the Second Circuit, Judge Sotomayor revealed her views on the right to keep and bear arms in Maloney v. Cuomo, a case decided after Heller, yet holding that the Second Amendment is not a fundamental right, that it does not apply to the states, and that if an object is 'designed primarily as a weapon' that is a sufficient basis for total prohibition even within the home. Earlier in a 2004 case, United States v. Sanchez-Villar, Sotomayor and two colleagues perfunctorily dismissed a Second Amendment claim holding that 'the right to possess a gun is clearly not a fundamental right.' Imagine if such a view were expressed about other fundamental rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, such as the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments."

"We joined in this effort," Gottlieb said, "because our nation stands at a point in history where we either defend all civil rights, or begin to surrender them one by one until none are left. It would be unconscionable to stand silently as the Senate deliberates confirmation of a new associate justice with such evident disregard for a key tenet, if not the critical element, of the Bill of Rights."

"The Second Amendment survives today by a single vote in the Supreme Court," the letter notes. "Judge Sotomayor has already revealed her views on the right to keep and bear arms and we believe they are contrary to the intent and purposes of the Second Amendment and Bill of Rights."

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Senior Gun Rights Activist Blasts Obama at July 4th TEA Party

/PRNewswire/ -- "Obama's shifts of positions on gun rights makes me think of a snake on roller skates," said John M. Snyder at a suburban Washington, D.C. Fourth of July TEA Party. "The President slithers and shimmies in the White House, throughout the country, and on the issues," he added.

He noted that Obama's record in the Illinois Senate and the U.S. Senate showed "there was hardly an anti-gun proposal he would not endorse. He indicated he supported the District of Columbia handgun ban before the Supreme Court struck it down last year. After the Court's ruling, he said he agreed with the decision. He then campaigned as a candidate who would support individual Second Amendment rights.

"But when he had his first chance to nominate a Supreme Court justice, he named a candidate, Judge Sonia Sotomayor, who in January ruled with the Second Circuit Court in Maloney v. Cuomo that the Second Amendment does not apply to the states.

"That's not all," said Snyder. "He's trying to persuade the Senate to ratify the Inter-American Convention Against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives and Other Related Materials (CIFTA). This would undermine American sovereignty, and leave to an international body the delineation of Americans' gun rights and regulations of American firearm manufacturers.

"Perhaps worst of all is the Obama Administration's issuance of a Homeland Security Assessment implying that citizens who support gun rights or other American traditions constitute a threat to public order. That's directed against the 100 million people who own 200 million rifles, shotguns and handguns as well as against untold millions of other citizens. The Assessment even targeted returning American servicemen and servicewomen. In effect, the Obama Administration took aim at the American public and the American military. The public outrage was so great that the Assessment was withdrawn, but its issuance shows what these people really think."

A former National Rifle Association editor, Snyder is Public Affairs Director of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Manager of Telum Associates, and serves on the board of the National Association of Chiefs of Police. Shotgun News recently named him the senior rights activist in Washington. He was a speaker Saturday at the Prince William County TEA Party in Woodbridge, Virginia.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gary Bauer Calls Reports of Sarah Palin's Political Death 'Premature'; Predicts Pundits May Have to 'Eat Their Words'

/PRNewswire / -- Former presidential candidate Gary Bauer on July 4th said that reports of Sarah Palin's political demise were "premature and reflect more the hopes and dreams of liberal analysts than actual reality."

The chairman of the Campaign for Working Families made the following statement:

"No Republican can get the GOP nomination for president or win the White House without the Values wing of the party. Given that reality, I have no doubt that between now and 2012 a leader will emerge.

"For the media, the race is clearly in full swing, especially in regards to Sarah Palin. Reports of Sarah Palin's political death are highly exaggerated and reflect more the biases of the prophets, soothsayers and media talking heads than it does the political reality. Sarah Palin is a force in the GOP and one of the most promising figures in American politics whether she is governor of Alaska or not. It is totally premature to interpret Sarah Palin's announcement as a withdraw from American politics. A year from now, a lot of pundits may be eating their words."

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Republicans on Senate Committee Push to Exclude Abortion Services from Health Care Reform

/PRNewswire / -- Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee are pushing for language in health care reform legislation that would eliminate coverage for abortion services. If this happens, many women could lose coverage for abortion services that their private insurance currently includes. Plus, millions of uninsured women will still lack a basic health care service despite having been promised a better quality of life.

If these senators are allowed to deny coverage of abortion services, the burden will inevitably fall on low-income women and widen the huge gap in health status and access to health care services that reforms are meant to remedy. Compared to their higher-income counterparts, low-income women are four times as likely to have an unintended pregnancy and five times as likely to have an unintended birth.

As people of faith, we believe that health care reform should expand coverage to provide for the basic services that every human being deserves; it should not deny essential services to half of the population and aggravate the troubling disparities in health care affecting minorities and low-income individuals. For example, compared to her higher-income counterpart, a low-income woman is four times as likely to have an unintended pregnancy and five times as likely to have an unintended birth.

Let there be no mistake, basic health care includes abortion services. According to the Guttmacher Institute, one in three American women will have an abortion by age 45.

Reproductive health care, including abortion services, is an essential component of women's health. Women must get a fair shake in the final health care reform bill.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

'Rasmussen Poll Confirms Americans Fear Obama Gun Control Agenda' - CCRKBA

/PRNewswire/ -- A new Rasmussen poll reveals that 57 percent of American citizens believe gun sales are up over the past several months because of widespread fears that the government will tighten restrictions on gun ownership.

"The poll results confirm what we've been saying," noted Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. "American citizens are fearful that the Obama administration and a Democrat-controlled Congress will pass new laws to further erode the individual right to own firearms. This concern was further enhanced by yesterday's ruling in Minnesota that far left anti-gunner Al Franken should be seated as a U.S. Senator representing that state, giving Democrats a 60-member majority."

The Rasmussen telephone survey found that only 23 percent of the respondents believe gun sales have risen due to concerns about rising crime. Twenty-one percent are not sure. The poll also revealed that 63 percent of male Americans and 51 percent of women believe gun sales are linked to concerns about new gun control schemes. Another finding is that 65 percent of Republicans and 66 percent of those not affiliated with either major political party think booming gun sales are connected to fears about increased government restrictions.

"Americans realize that despite all of the campaign rhetoric, Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are waiting for the right moment to spring new gun control measures," Gottlieb stated. "There is little doubt they would like to renew the ban on semiautomatic sport-utility rifles, place limits on the number of firearms someone may purchase, and maybe institute some kind of licensing and registration scheme, as Pelosi hinted during an appearance on ABC's Good Morning America. Wherever these measures have been tried on the local level, they have invariably failed to prevent or reduce violent crime. The Clinton gun ban failed. One-gun-a-month schemes have failed.

"How many times do you have to fail at something before you reach the inescapable conclusion that your plan isn't going to work?" he questioned. "The Rasmussen poll affirms that Americans are waking up to the Obama-Pelosi agenda, and they are stocking up for what they think is an inevitable attack on gun rights."

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