Friday, January 29, 2010

White House Backs Down on Terrorist Trials in New York

Prison at Guantanamo Bay is Proper Location

Move America Forward, the nation’s largest grassroots pro-troop organization, applauds the White House for backing down on holding the trial of 9/11 terrorist mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City.

The White House has instructed Eric Holder’s Justice Department to start looking for another place to hold the terror trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

“We have been rallying Americans in opposition to holding civilian trials in New York City, where the people are still traumatized by the horrific acts of war against our country on 9/11. It was outrageous the Obama Administration tried to force this trial down the throats of the people of New York.” said Danny Gonzalez, Director of Communications for the organization.

“Guantanamo Bay was designed for just this purpose – to hold and try terrorists who are bent on destroying our country and our very way of life. Now that Obama has seen the light in not holding the trial in New York City, now he must wake up to the fact that these terrorists should be tried in military tribunals , not in civilian criminal courts with the same rights as American citizens.

The Administration has now even admitted that there are at least 50 prisoners currently held at Guantanamo Bay that they can neither be released nor tried in a civilian court because they are just too dangerous. This is precisely the reason the Guantanamo Bay prison was established in the first place.

“When Nazi saboteurs were caught in the United States during World War II, they were correctly tried, convicted and executed through the military court system. That is the appropriate way to deal with terrorists, and American security will be better served when President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder begin to understand that we are fighting a global war against Islamic terrorism,” Gonzales concluded.

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