Thursday, January 28, 2010

Westmoreland: Union in a state of anger

With the Union in a state of anger, President Obama’s efforts to focus on jobs and fiscal responsibility in tonight’s address come too little, too late, said U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland.

“Tonight, the president talked a good game about fiscal responsibility, creating jobs for Americans and building a better future together,” Westmoreland said. “I know he realizes that Americans are hurting and are worried about their future. With the popular tide turning away from the Democrats toward the Republicans, the president has a great opportunity – his fellow liberal Democrats won’t see it as an ‘opportunity’ I’m afraid – to finally fulfill his campaign promise to work across the aisle to achieve practical solutions. We have been offering cost-effective solutions on health care, jobs and energy, but we’ve been shut out because the Democrats own a super majority held hostage by the left.

“I admit, though, that I find the president’s message contradictory. He’s talking about fiscal responsibility and more jobs, yet his proposals all call for bigger government, more regulation and higher taxes. It’s a ‘we’re going to spend our way out of debt’ mentality.

“In election after election, even in deep blue states, Americans have sent the message that Washington isn’t pursuing the right priorities,” Westmoreland said. “The focus in Washington should be jobs, jobs, jobs. Instead, we’ve spent a year on job-killing health care legislation, job-killing energy legislation, job-killing bank regulation that will choke off small business lending, and spending borrowed money on a stimulus that didn’t stimulate.

“It’d be best for the nation if tonight marked a turning point – a point where we put aside the Liberal Legislative Wish Book that consumed 2009 and where the president moves back toward the center to get some of this important work done. I don’t expect him to agree with Republicans on every issue; he wasn’t elected to institute my agenda. But he was elected to pursue common ground, and 2010 would be a good time to start.”
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