Friday, February 12, 2010

Seniors Coalition: 'Mr. President, Senior Citizens Cannot and Will Not Bail You Out'

/Standard Newswire/ -- The Seniors Coalition, which represents the interests of over four million American senior citizens, today blasted comments by President Obama indicating that he would entertain the idea of cutting Social Security benefits in order to pay for his domestic spending priorities and bring down the federal budget deficit. The President's comments were made to BusinessWeek magazine.

"The President's willingness to pay for his spending spree by slashing Social Security benefits is yet
another direct attack on America's senior citizens and the Seniors Coalition will oppose it using every
resource we can muster," says Phil Theodosiou, The Seniors Coalition's Executive Director. "The Obama Administration has thrown fiscal responsibility completely out the window and now that the President needs more money to continue with his reckless policies he is looking to the elderly to bail him out. Mr. President, seniors citizens cannot and will not bail you out."

"In order to bring down the deficit the Administration needs to start at the top and begin cutting. No more
taxpayer cars for members of Congress. Cut back on the number of aides following the First Lady around. Then, use all repaid TARP money to pay down the deficit and simply not spend the hundreds of billions dollars in wasteful stimulus money that has not been spent. The fact that the administration will not even take these simple steps shows that President Obama is not serious about deficit reduction and is simply looking to use Social Security as another source of cash for his domestic spending spree," Theodosiou says. "And perhaps most importantly, the government must pay back the iou's to the social security trust fund now. That will be a great start in helping main street."

The Seniors Coalition is the nation's leading free- market senior education and advocacy organization
representing more than 4 million seniors. The mission of The Seniors Coalition (TSC) is to protect
the quality of life and economic well-being that older Americans have earned while supporting common
sense solutions to the challenges of the future. To that end, TSC lobbies government at both the federal and state levels.

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