Monday, November 2, 2009

FRC Action PAC's Early Support for Doug Hoffman Pays Dividends with Scozzafava's Exit

/PRNewswire/ -- Today, Connie Mackey, president of FRC Action PAC, the political action committee connected to Family Research Council, released the following statement in regards to the exit of Dede Scozzafava from New York's 23rd District race.

"I am delighted that the Republican candidate, Dede Scozzafava, has bowed out of the special election. The attitude by some unnamed Republicans that conservatives just won't support a woman didn't help endear conservative women like myself to Ms. Scozzafava's candidacy. She was out of the mainstream on issues dear to the heart of most women like traditional family values and respect for innocent life. I can say unequivocally that when the Republicans and Democrats put forward candidates who have the basic, commonsense approach to issues, they will receive our support, whether male or female."

"The fact that she has finally taken off the Republican mask and endorsed a liberal Democrat should be a lesson learned for the Republican Party bosses who thought she was their winning ticket. If a primary had been held, Doug Hoffman would have won hands down and Ms. Scozzafava could have continued as a liberal Democrat with an R in front of her name."

FRC Action PAC continues to air radio ads throughout New York's 23rd district urging support for Doug Hoffman on Election Day. On Tuesday evening at 8:30 PM ET, FRC Action will host a special webcast to offer election night analysis and also the latest on the health care reform debate. Go to to register.

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