Wednesday, September 30, 2009

County Commissioner Testifies at Ethics Hearing After Being Caught with Pot

It's short, there's a part in the video where it says basically, that the rest is boring... so you only need to get through the first minute or two... for more information.


- 5/23/09 Commissioner Robert Horgan pulled over by Fayette County, GA Sheriff's Deputy for expired license tag. Officer smells marijuana, subsequently Horgan admits to smoking pot while driving and agree to vehicle search. Pill bottle with marijuana (less than one ounce) found under driver's seat. Arrested for the pot, not drug tested or charged w/ DUI (or DWI depending on your state...)

- Next Commission meeting says he made a mistake, will continue as Commissioner.

- 2 local citizens file ethics complaint.
- Attorney from outside the county reviews and deems it allowable
- Group files recall action. Horgan's attorney fights, judge tosses because Horgan wasn't smoking while actually at work (more to it than that, just giving the gist...)

- Ethics complaint heard by panel of 3 attorneys from outside the county. Horgan found guilty of 2 of the three violations outlined in the complaint. He can be censured, fined and / or reprimanded by fellow commissioners

- He'll be arraigned on Monday, Oct. 5th for the possession charges.

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