Monday, May 4, 2009

Zogby/O'Leary Report 100-Days Poll Shows That Taxpayers are More Opposed to President Obama's Policies Than Non-taxpayers

/PRNewswire/ -- During the 2008 presidential campaign, polls showed that President Obama drew enthusiastic support from an often overlooked demographic: Americans who have no federal income tax liability (who total 30 percent of the electorate). Conversely, Americans who pay federal income taxes (70 percent of the electorate) were more skeptical of Obama's policy proposals - particularly on issues that deal with the economy.

Recently, Zogby International and The O'Leary Report conducted a 100-Days Poll (which surveyed 3,937 people who voted in the 2008 presidential election) to revisit these two demographics and gauge their opinions on the Obama Administration's actions and proposals. The results show that non-taxpayers are still more likely to support President Obama's agenda than taxpayers. Interestingly, however, enthusiasm for the President appears to be dwindling among non-taxpayers - even on economic issues.

Taxes & Spending

Q. Thinking about the Tea Party demonstrations that took place on April
15th to protest the growth in taxes and federal government spending, do
Paid Paid
Federal No Federal
Taxes Taxes
----- -----
Strongly support the beliefs
of the organizers.. 47% 38%
Somewhat support them 11% 15%
Somewhat oppose their beliefs 12% 13%
Strongly oppose them 27% 29%
Not sure 3% 6%


Q. Which of the following do you think is a better economic system -
A or B?

A: A system in which the public or the state have ownership and
administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.

B: A system in which wealth and the means of producing wealth are
privately owned and controlled rather than state owned or controlled
with the state regulating them.

Paid Paid
Federal No Federal
Taxes Taxes
----- -----
Statement A 12% 29%
Statement B 76% 55%
Not sure 12% 16%


Q. Which course of action should America take with regards to energy

Paid Paid
Federal No Federal
Taxes Taxes
----- -----
Make energy cheaper by developing all
sources of U.S. energy, including coal,
nuclear power, offshore drilling and
drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife
Refuge 57% 48%
Reduce America's production of fossil
fuels that might cause global warming 38% 46%
Not sure 5% 7%

First Amendment

Q. Senator Durbin recently offered an amendment in the U.S. Senate that
requires the Federal Communications Commission to take actions to
encourage and promote diversity in communication media ownership.
Opponents say the move would threaten the breakup of radio networks that
largely carry conservative talk radio shows like Glenn Beck, Rush
Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Do you support or oppose this legislation?

Paid Paid
Federal No Federal
Taxes Taxes
----- -----
Support 36% 47%
Oppose 57% 43%
Not sure 7% 10%

Q. The Federal Communications is entertaining the idea of re-instituting
advisory boards to determine the needs and interests of their communities,
to promote localism and diversity. These boards, appointed by the FCC and
would monitor what is said over the radio and report back if they were
offended by the talk show hosts and their guests. Critics argue that such
a proposal is nothing more than a back door implementation of the Fairness
Doctrine. Do you support or oppose the FCC's efforts to reinstitute
advisory boards?

Paid Paid
Federal No Federal
Taxes Taxes
----- -----
Support 19% 27%
Oppose 69% 58%
Not sure 12% 15%


Q. President Obama's health secretary nominee, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is a
supporter of abortion on demand. President Obama indicated that he would
appoint someone who was neutral on the issue, but pro-life forces find
Gov. Sebelius' pro-choice record unacceptable. Do you support or oppose
Gov. Sebelius is a good choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services?

Paid Paid
Federal No Federal
Taxes Taxes
----- -----
Support 44% 52%
Oppose 48% 35%
Not sure 8% 13%

Second Amendment

Q. Do you think new gun laws should be passed or do you think we should
enforce the laws already on the books.

Paid Paid
Federal No Federal
Taxes Taxes
----- -----
New gun laws should be passed 24% 31%
Enforce the laws already on the books 73% 66%
Not sure 4% 4%


Q. While visiting Turkey recently, President Obama said America is not a
Christian nation. Do agree or disagree that the US is a Christian

Paid Paid
Federal No Federal
Taxes Taxes
----- -----
Agree 38% 47%
Disagree 54% 47%
Not sure 7% 6%

The O'Leary Report/Zogby poll was conducted April 24-27, surveyed 3,937 voters nationwide, and has a margin of error of plus-or-minus 1.6 percentage points. Only voters who voted in the 2008 presidential election were surveyed, and the sample was weighted to reflect the outcome of the 2008 Presidential Election (i.e. 53% Obama voters and 46% McCain voters).

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